Publicity Request

This form is for requesting publicity for an event, course, program, or campus. If requesting publicity for an event, an event form may also be needed. Please allow at least two weeks for any publicity to appear. Large event publicity and program or campus publicity require even more lead time. Thank you.

This form goes to Natalie, Sylvia, and Debbie. Please fill out this form BEFORE you have Debbie make a flyer for your event. Do not wait until the last minute. Fill this out early so we know what is coming.

Internal publicity is directed towards current students and/or employees. External publicity is directed towards the public and potential students.
The event form is required for M&O and/or IT setup. The event planning form can be found here.
Any additional dates for a recurring event
Specific location on campus(es).
Your message for the potential audience. No more than 140 characters. Must fit into a tweet!
Optional. Include here why people would want to attend your event. If your event has a speaker, include some information on who they are and what they will be speaking about.
Any additional information needed for publicity, such as cost of attendance, where to find publicity materials, etc.
Publicity Needed

All events will be listed on the event calendar on both the public website and insideCC.

The Small publicity package, perfect for student club meetings and events, includes

  • message on the campus digital signage/TV for those campuses which have that capability
  • message on the college facebook account
  • up to 100 1/4 page flyers

The Medium publicity package, perfect for Student Services events, includes

  • everything in the Small package
  • push notification via text message or email to all students
  • up to 25 8 1/2 x 11 flyers

The Large publicity package, perfect for free events to which the public is invited or for publicity for courses, includes

  • everything in the Small & Medium packages
  • a news item and/or web banner on the homepage of the website
  • up to 10 11 x 17 posters

The Extra Large publicity package, perfect for fundraising events or for publicity for programs and general marketing for campuses, includes

  • everything in the Small, Medium & Large packages
  • outside advertising
  • extra printed materials such as additional handouts, flyers, and posters, tickets, table tents, etc.
Will be provided upon Marketing Manager approval
Needs to be outsourced if more than 100
Other printed items needed with the number needed.
Please attach any artwork or other material. This artwork will be used to create your flyers and tv slides. You do not have to have any artwork, but if you have a photo or something else that you want to see used to market your event, please attach it here. If the files are available online, or you have too many files, or your files are too large, please leave a message to that effect under Additional Information.
Files must be less than 10 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg jpeg png eps tif psd txt rtf pdf doc docx xls xlsx zip.